The Bin Laden, Files
"Mujahidin in Kosmet - facts, hush up
and political calculations

December 11, 1998


The Federal Government of Yugoslavia and the Serbian Government, the Serbian Ministry of Interior, Yugoslav Army, most of domestic and some of the foreign media have beoen warning the domestic and the world public to pay attention to the presence of Muslim religious fanatics from Islamic countries in Kosmet and their inrush from northern Albania where are the centres for receiving and arming of terrorists. Irrefutable proofs of these affirmations have encountered reserved and lukewarm publicity in British and American media. Only lately, these media have started paying attention to this matter which had been definitely known to the American Administration but which had been unwilling to make those revelations get stronger publicity.  So the Tom Walker's article from the Times of November 26, titled "US alarmed as Mujahidin join Kosovo rebels" and their correspondent from Tirana Chris Stephen in his article "Bin Laden opens European terror base in Albania" from the Sunday Times of November 29, confirm that Mujahidin fighters from Islamic countries have been fighting in the units of so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). It has been also confirmed that in the north of Albania there is a centre for recruiting and arming of Islamic extremists from Arabic countries who have been sent to Kosmet and in the countries of Europe.

These facts which are now being revealed by some western media have been already known to others. Here are the examples:

7 The Serbian police have presented proofs that the first Mujahidin unit "Abu Bekir Sadik" which have been fighting within the units of so-called KLA, had been founded in May 98 in the Donje Prekaze village, Srbica municipality. Some of the Mujahidin fighters, among them their leader Ekrem Avdiya, were arrested in August when illegally crossing the Yugoslav-Macedonian border, and during the trial admitted that they had been promoting Islam and "Jihad" (holy war).

7 The Russian magazine "Sevodnya" (June 19), referring to the sources from the Intelligence of the Russian Defence Ministry, published the news that Islamic fanatics, followers of "Commander Hatab", a Jordan who had become "known" for his unprecedented atrocities he committed over Russian soldiers in Chechnya, have already arrived in Kosmet. 

7 A Pakistani citizen was arrested in June and was proved to have fought near Travnik and Vitez in the units of the Muslim army in Bosnia.

7 In the anti-terrorist action of the Serbian security forces at the beginning of August, five Yemen citizens were killed on the territory of Kosmet. Even the Jemen newspapers in English the Rai and Yemen Times published the news. Reuters reminded then that Yemen volunteers had fought in Bosnia and Afghanistan in the units of the Muslim forces. 

7 Arresting of the Lt. Colonel of the Iraqi army at the Yugoslav-Bulgarian border near Bosilegrad in September, revealed increased inflow of Mujahidin fighters into Kosmet. That was so-called "green route" which had led via Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosmet and Bosnia towards Europe, as pointed out those days by Bulgarian daily Duma (September 20).

7 The Israeli daily "Jerusalem Post" (September 14) asserts, referring to American sources, that Islamic countries were providing financial and military help for so-called KLA and take care about hundreds of Mujahidin fighters coming from Albania. 7 The German DPA points out, referring to writing of the Albanian Gazette Schiptare of November 4, that Bin Laden visited Albania in 1994 under the mask of a humanitarian worker and a rich donor, and talked with the representatives of the Albanian government at that time about Islamic projects. They started then setting up terrorist camps for Islamic fundamentalists and a big role in their organizing had Sali Berisha, the overthrown Albanian president. 7 The Associated press published on November 14, a short information from Tirana that Abdel Kader, sentenced for the murder of the local translator, was one of the close associates of Bin Laden, the one whom pecting to be the person responsible for planting bombs in the World Market Centre in New York and American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. He admitted he had come to Albania to organize and arm fighters for Kosmet.

The influence of the ideology of the Islamic fundamentalism among the members of so-called Kosovo Liberation Army can be indirectly comprehended from the methods the terrorists used in killing their Serbian victims in Klecka and Glodjani. Atrocious tortures and killing of civilians is recognized "hand writing" of Islamic fundamentalists all over the world. On the same day when the Serbian parliament adopted the conclusions on Kosmet at the end of September, the KLA launched a statement in which they condemned all Albanian political parties for being an obstruction in their "holy war". It is not difficult to make out that it was not a mistake but carefully conceived choice of expressions, since the method used by the Albanian terrorists fully correspond to proclaimed principles of "Jihad", the objective of which has always been settling accounts with "unbelievers." The silence of the American media on the presence of ideology of the Islamic radicalism among so-called KLA seems to be in accordance with policy of USA whose representatives have been already negotiating with terrorists. It is not a secret that in the down towns of large American cities (New York primarily), some organizations collect money for so-called KLA. The American public would definitely hardly disregard such a complaisant attitude of the state administration towards so-called KLA if it were to know the fact that KLA fighters have been financially supported, armed and ideologically taught by Bin Laden followers, the most wanted terrorist on the American list. That is why there are so many attempts to show that the presence of the radical Islamism among Kosmet terrorist have been only accidental.

The Tom Walker's article in the Times, although it confirms the presence of Mujahidin fighters in KLA units, tries to minimize their number and influence. Although we could hardly speak about their number, we can definitely say there are hundreds of them. Tom Walker surely knows that when he says that "OSCE may have to rethink its deployment of US verifiers" to Kosmet after learning the fact on the presence of so many radical Islamists in KLA. This warning also explains many things. Firstly, USA and Islamic fundamentalism can cooperate in those regions where their interest are the same. When the US administration estimates that their interests are potentially jeopardized (in this case safety of its citizens), then they promote Mujahidin fighters to terrorists and eliminate them. The proof that USA has already known the fact that Albania had been a terrorist centre for a long time, is its recommendation to the American citizens not to visit Albania.  Another proof is almost complete withdrawal of their personnel from their embassy in Tirana." Osama bin Laden

Osama bin Laden is Wanted For Murder; The Hamas Islamic Imperialist terrorists who seek to murder innocent victims in Israel, Kosovo, Kashmir, Africa; in fact, wherever they can, are being trained in the same camp in Iran. where Islamic Imperialist terrorists who murder Serbians in the Balkans, Kashmir, and Africa are being trained. There is no difference between the Taliban, HAMAS, KLA, PKK, or the thugs in Pakistan and Chechnya. The civilized world must confront the issue, but so far NATO and EU, led by Great Britain, are turning hte blind eye to the issue.

In India Monitor we can read how Taliban massacred women, children and the elderly to capture
Mazar-e-Sharif The UN's Special Rapporteur on Afghanistan has detailed horrific massacres by the Taliban when they captured Mazar e Sharif.  The report states that 4000 to 5000 people including women, children and the elderly were killed by the Taliban in Mazar e Sharif. The Taliban have also been accused of rape and particular targeting of Shias. The report also states that Taliban's supreme leader Mullah Omar had issued a fatwa stating that killing of Shias was not a crime as they were non believers. The report also states that the Iranian diplomats killed in Mazar e Sharif may have been victims of Punjabi Taliban namely the Pakistani soldiers with the Taliban."

The prophetic quotation below is excerpted from: Zbigniew Brzezinski's speech at the Library of Congress September 17, 1998 "

President Havel, Madame Secretary Korbel Albright, Ambassador Vondra, Dr. Billington, Ladies and Gentlemen, . freedom just for oneself is not real freedom, for selfish freedom is an oxymoron. Freedom for myself has to mean freedom for others. And that's a lesson particularly important to bear in mind at this time when NATO is being enlarged ."

Zbigniew Brzezinski, for those who cannot recall him was the head of David Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission, You can read more about the Harriman Schroder Rock (as in Rockefeller) accounts allegedly managed by the father of former US President George Bush (former Senator Prescott Bush of Connecticut) and former President Bush's grandfather Walker to run nazi agents during World War Two when Senator Bush was "busted" for trading with the enemy (dealing with Hitler) in The Secret War Against the Jews by John Loftus  With Mark Aarons, (ISBN: 0312156480)Publisher: St. Martin's Press.

Zbigniew Brzezinski also served as former US President Jimmy Carter's National Security Advisor, Perhaps the strongest media image of him is of him firing an automatic weapon in the direction of then Russian held Afghanistan which was broadcast worldwide. Some images of some of those who fought that war may be found at

While you are researching this topic don't forget to read: Trading with the Enemy: The Nazi-American Money Plot, 1933-1949 by Charles Higham (ISBN: 0760700095) Publisher: Barnes & Noble, November 1995

Such charming folks and their allies OSAMA BIN LADEN & company may of course be found committing terrorist acts in Kosovo alongside the so-called "KLA" a.k.a. UCK and in Kashmir along with the TALIBAN their hosts in Afghanistan,

OSAMA BIN LADEN of course also operates in THE SUDAN, where black African Christians & animists are oppressed, killed enslaved & starved by white Arabs who raise and export animals to be fed to other Arabs in other Arab nations.